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Dual Enrollment Courses

Learn about the courses available for high school students to earn college credit.

Course Offerings

One of the benefits of education at MVNU is that our classes are academically rigorous while being intentionally Christian.  Each class is crafted to fulfill the mission of our Fine Arts degrees while equipping our student to be life-long servant leaders.

CCP Pathways

The Core Pathway

The Core Pathway is composed of highly transferable general education courses.  This Pathway is recommended for students who are only able to take a limited number of classes through CCP or for those students who are taking their required 15 credits in Level-1 coursework. 

Specialized Pathways

Specialized Pathways are designed with a major in mind.  They build upon the Core Pathway with courses geared toward a specific degree -- STEM, Education, Health Science, Business, etc.  These pathways are customized and coordinated with the associated department.

Online Courses

2023-'24 Online Course Offerings

As MVNU is geared to be an experience for the whole student on campus, our online course offerings are geared to highly transferrable general education credits. 


Most of MVNU’s online options are asynchronous.  Students use the provided syllabus and information from their professor on Moodle to structure their time to meet the required due dates and assignments for the course.  

Attendance is taken through weekly interaction between the student and the course.  Students must interact with the course every week to be counted present. 

Summer Learn

Interested in taking online courses over the summer? Check out MVNU's Summer Learn course offerings.

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