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Master of Arts in Education (M.A.Ed)

Unlock Your Teaching Potential with MVNU's Online Master of Arts in Education (M.A.Ed) Degrees.

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Online Master of Arts in Education (M.A.Ed) Degrees

Mount Vernon Nazarene University offers multiple pathways to teacher licensure for those seeking a career change or practicing teachers looking to add new credentials.

All programs are structured around a research-based core of education courses that ambitious adults can complete entirely online supplemented by field experiences in PK-12 classrooms that aid students in earning their specific educational license.

Online M.A.ED Curriculum

The online curriculum blends theoretical instruction with hands-on research and application practices that students carry out in classrooms and field placements.

As a result of these factors, Affordable Colleges Online named MVNU’s M.A.Ed program the Best Online Master’s in Education in 2018.

  • Designed for Adult Learners — Along with flexible online coursework, students can transfer up to six (6) credit hours from accredited graduate institutions toward the completion of their degree.
  • Prepare for a Teaching Career — MVNU’s Teacher Education Program stands upon a rigorous, research-heavy approach that extends across undergraduate and graduate coursework. Collaborative partnerships with local schools and school districts open up opportunities for students to learn about and work with diverse populations and apply MVNU’s faith-rooted philosophy of compassion, competence, and commitment.
  • Classroom Experience — All programs require a certain number of field and classroom hours, which are scheduled during the day based on the school’s and student’s availability and often involve interfacing with different student populations, based on age, ability, and diversity. In the process, they gain the experience needed to teach in a preschool through grade 12 setting and to apply for their license upon graduation.
  • Because all online M.A.Ed programs are geared toward helping students earn their Resident Educator License, students must complete all coursework within six (6) years of their first day in class and have up to three (3) years to earn their license after graduation.

Online MA in Education Programs

Students choosing to pursue an M.A.Ed at MVNU can choose from three programs.

Professional Educator’s License (PEL)

Individuals seeking a career in teaching can choose can pursue to an initial license in one of 11 content areas. This program includes study in the practice of teaching as well as two field experiences and a student teaching internship in a PK-12 classroom aligned to the desired area of licensure.

Intervention Specialist–Initial License (ISM)

Individuals seeking a career in teaching and wanting to work with students with disabilities should consider the ISM program. This program includes study in the practice of teaching with a specific emphasis on the unique needs of this student population, including developing, implementing, and evaluating Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).

Intervention Specialist–Full License (ISP)

Also preparing students to work as an Intervention Specialist for Mild/Moderate Disabilities in grades K-12, the ISP program is ideal for teachers who already hold a license in one content area and/or are working with students with disabilities and want to expand their practice.


According to figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for teachers across Kindergarten and Elementary, High School, and Special Education fields is predicted to remain steady through 2028.

Interested in starting your education career in Ohio?

  • Online M.A.Ed students must pass Ohio Assessments for Educators before applying for their Resident Educator License, the state's initial teacher license.
  • The Resident Educator License has a two-year duration, and teachers will engage in mentorship and professional development during their Resident Educator practice.

Learn more about the online Master of Arts in Education degrees!

If you’ve always wanted to work in education or if you’re currently licensed but would like to earn additional credentials, the convenient formats of the online M.A.Ed degrees allow you to work toward the next level of your career within your own time frame. To find out more about our programs, fill out a request for information form, or get started on an online application.

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