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Let us help you find a program that fits you! Explore our many online and on-campus degree programs today.

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Available programs



Learn to look at and think about the world around you in new and different ways.



Bring the best of biblical principles to keeping the books and take organizational stewardship to a whole new level.



The MVNU Biology program seeks to not only educate students academically, but also to foster strong character and life skills.

Graphic Design

ArtTechnology and DesignBachelorOn-Campus

Enrich the lives of consumers with effective designs, influencing culture and society in constructive ways.

Project Management (BBA)


Learn to set goals, create a plan, track progress, and keep teams motivated with this get-it-done degree.

Social Work

Social & Behavioral ScienceBachelorOn-Campus

Explore the rich and varied services you can provide as a social worker out to change the world.

Finance (MBA)


Gain an understanding of markets, institutions, investments, and financial planning with a master’s in finance.

Still not sure?

Maybe you have two or three careers you're still deciding between. Maybe you still have 100 options to consider. Maybe you're just not sure at all what you should do. That's okay!

College is a great time to explore options and find YOUR calling, and a liberal arts degree allows you to take classes in multiple disciplines to find what your passion really is.  Don't let indecision about a major keep you from moving forward.

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