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MBA in Business Data Analytics

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Learn to create and manage Big Data initiatives and create processes that facilitate large-scale analytics solutions.




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Online Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Business Data Analytics

Business Data Analytics is one of nine in-depth MBA concentrations offered by MVNU.

Earning an online MBA with a concentration in Business Data Analytics equips driven, business-minded students to conduct methodical exploration and analysis of an organization's data. All business organizations require skilled and knowledgeable analysts with a commitment to using data to gain insights that inform business decisions.

Educated professionals with the technical acumen to analyze large quantities of data are in high demand. If you picture yourself summiting the metaphorical mountains of Big Data, an MBA with a concentration in Business Data Analytics might be right for you.

Business Data Analytics MBA Highlights

An intelligence-oriented MBA, especially one from an intentionally Christian university, will prove you’re more than a number. Our accelerated online program can be completed anytime, anywhere.

Group 7002 (2)

Tuition & Cost

$498 per credit hour

Group 6999

Program Length

19 months*

Group 7002

Total Credit Hours


* Most students complete our programs within 19 months. However, we offer a Fast-Track MBA option that allows highly motivated students to earn their degrees in just 11 to 15 months. By taking two courses at once, you can earn your MBA quicker and dive into meaningful careers sooner.

Concentration Courses

BDAT 6003

Intelligence and Data Analytics

Provide the key methods of predictive analytics and advanced business intelligence concepts using real business cases to illustrate the application and interpretation of these methods. The course will cover trends in predictive analytics, and understanding available application programs that can be deployed within the business enterprise.

BDAT 6013

Business Analytics

While business intelligence focuses on data handling, queries, and reports to discover patterns and generate information associated with products, services, and customers, business analytics uses data and models to explain the performance of a business and how it can be improved.

BDAT 6023

Decision Making Using Data Analytics

This course will familiarize students with the assumptions underlying various statistical techniques and assist in identifying their appropriateness in a variety of situations. Students will perform statistical analysis and interpret results in a meaningful way and relate results of such analyses to become information-based decision makers.

Curriculum stats/highlights

MBA students selecting to concentrate in Accounting must complete nine (9) required MBA core courses in addition to the three (3) concentration-specific courses. The MBA in Accounting requires a total of 36 credits.

*The remaining 9 credit hours are taken in the student’s chosen concentration. All MBA courses are 100% online.


Core Courses Credit Hours
Ethical Leadership 3
Managerial Economics 3
Marketing Management 3
Legal Issues in Management 3
Organizational Behavior 3
Global Business 3
Managerial Accounting 3
Corporate Finance 3
Strategic Management 3
Concentration Courses Credit Hours
Intelligence and Data Analytics 3
Business Analytics 3
Decision Making Using Data Analytics 3
Total MBA Core Hours 27
+ MBA Concentration* 9
Total MBA Hours 36

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Group 7002 (2)




Credit Hours


Group 7002

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Data-driven companies gather (and produce) a high volume of complex data, and they rely on individuals who have the know-how to tackle large quantities of data to provide insight and action items for the betterment of their business or organization.

  • Business Data Analyst
  • Business Analytics Specialist
  • Marketing Manager
  • Personal Financial Advisor
  • Financial Analyst
  • Operations Analyst
  • Supply Chain Analyst

We can help you explore majors, discover internships, and plan your future as a professional. Our advisors welcome students at all levels and offer personalized guidance tailored to individual needs. From resume and interview preparation to networking advice, MVNU advisors provide a host of resources that can help you achieve a rewarding career after graduation.

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