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Esther Jetter Preschool


We believe that children learn best through active participation in an emergent curriculum. Our understanding of child development allows us to look at each child's skills and knowledge and plan appropriate activities to build on that foundation. We are concerned with the development of the whole child: physical, social, emotional, cognitive, creative and spiritual.

Our preschool program is based on the Project Approach Method which involves an in-depth study of a topic while meeting state standards for early education. Weekly themes and topics will be celebrated and explored. The teacher integrates content knowledge like math, reading and science into each day complimenting the chosen theme or topic. This play-based program allows the children to learn in an authentic and hands on way while making deep connections to the academic concepts presented.

Children learn best when many senses are involved, so anything they can touch, see up close, or hear is helpful. They have their own questions and are learning to use many resources to find answers. Your child will have the opportunity to learn positive ways to communicate with adults and other children. They will learn to be responsible for their words and actions while learning is something they willingly and actively participate in.

The most important part of getting ready for preschool is preparing little bodies to do big things. Many activities will help students strengthen their bodies to be able to sit longer periods of time in a chair and move in a well balanced way in learning and play. Fine motor strength will be increased with practiced movements that increase resistance and dexterity. Children are growing rapidly at this age and their skeletal and muscular structures are not completely developed yet. We will meet children where they are with developmentally appropriate activities and expectations.

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Esther Jetter Preschool
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