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Transfer to MVNU to get your BSW

Transfer to MVNU to get your BSW!

At MVNU we believe it is important to make further education accessible.  If you feel called to be a Social Worker and have completed credits at another College or University, we will help you finish your Bachelor of Social Work degree from our CSWE-BOA Accredited Program.

We have streamlined the process with many schools. This is to help you know which college level courses from your program will transfer in for your Bachelors degree. Just reach out to an enrollment specialist!

MVNU Partner Institutions

We have already done the work. If you have not attended one of these schools, we will create a customized transfer for you!

Are you attending any of these schools? Just select the linked degree below a school to view how the courses in your program will transfer toward your BSW at MVNU. If you have further questions just reach out to an enrollment specialist.

What are the Benefits to an Online Social Work Degree?

Not sure what you want to do for your career? A social work degree can prepare you for various career paths and roles, so you can find the best fit for you without being hemmed into one specific job or work setting. These jobs can include titles such as Case Manager, Victim Advocate, School Social Worker, and more.  This versatility allows you to change jobs while still using your degree if you’re ready for a change...

Our Guide to Becoming a Social Worker

Forging real change through deep relationships, strengthening communities by strengthening individuals, and improving the well-being of families: Social workers do hero work, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that their services change the lives of of people every day...


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