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Framework for Christian Education at MVNU

"Intentionally Christian." It’s the core of who we are and the framework for all we do at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. We believe we have each been created by a God of love for a unique purpose. Because of that, our mission is to help you cultivate a love of God and love of others through education and excellence. 

But it’s more than just praying before class.  It’s about incorporating faith and learning in all activities. As you grow in maturity, this deepening love becomes evident in your scholarship, character, and service. 

The Framework



  • You’ll embrace learning and exploration as a joyful act of worship
  • You’ll develop as a whole person through an intentional liberal arts education
  • You’ll cultivate habits of academic excellence to last a lifetime
  • You’ll master essential professional skills to help you find success in a future career



  • You’ll mature into a person of vibrant faith within the body of Christ
  • You’ll practice intellectual and relational hospitality that embodies love of neighbor
  • You’ll embody humility and inclusivity, responding to intellectual and cultural diversity with grace
  • You’ll grow in Christian virtues and exercises ethical reasoning



  • You’ll work toward restoration in a broken world through humble acts of justice and mercy
  • You’ll pursue just and healthy relationships
  • You’ll shape local, national, and global communities to foster the common good
  • You’ll discover, cultivate, and steward your vocational calling, gifts, and resources to promote the flourishing of all creation

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