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If you’re looking for an affordable, flexible degree program in which you can become part of a welcoming, faith-based community, an online Christian college is an excellent choice. You can pursue your degree while working and study in an environment that aligns with your spiritual values. 

Learn more about how an online Christian college provides a quality education and helps you pursue your personal and professional goals.

What Is an Online Christian College?

An online Christian college is what its name suggests—an intentionally Christian online institution of higher learning. Like secular online colleges, Christian online colleges offer diverse undergraduate and graduate degree programs in liberal arts, humanities, and other areas. Both also provide more flexibility in when and where students complete their coursework. However, a key distinction of Christian online colleges is the intentional incorporation of Christ-centered principles into the curriculum. In such a community, students can openly combine their Christian beliefs with their educational and career goals.

An online Christian education is the choice of many students nationwide. At the more than 185 Christian colleges affiliated with the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU), it’s estimated that one in five students attend online. Attending a Christian college as an online learner will advance your education in an asynchronous, faith-based learning environment and provide invaluable preparation for your future career success. Upon graduation, you can seek roles in various industries and settings, including the business world, Christian ministry, nonprofits, education, and government organizations.

6 Benefits of an Online Christian Education

As an online Christian university, MVNU Online offers a quality education that develops the whole person—faith included. Coursework is informed by the Bible, rooted in proven learning techniques, and delivered in accordance with nationally recognized accreditation standards.

If you’re wondering about the potential pros and cons of attending an online Christian college, read on to discover what you can expect during your time as a student. 

1. Comprehensive and Flexible Online Learning 

Online Christian colleges aren’t seminaries, nor are they limited to ministry degree programs. You can choose from a variety of majors, including business, social work, education, and others. At MVNU Online, each of our career-focused degree programs offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare students for success in today’s competitive job market. You can complete coursework while you continue to work, and our rolling class start dates throughout the year enable you to plan your education around your busy schedule. You’ll also have the caring support of academic advisors and career counselors committed to your success.

An online education from MVNU Online benefits students and their families. As an adult online learner, you can pursue your education without neglecting work and family responsibilities. So whether you work from home, in an on-site office, or in a hybrid arrangement, you can still raise a family or care for aging parents while taking online classes.

2. Faith-Based Christian Ministry Degrees

An online Christian college typically offers ministry degrees grounded in Christian beliefs. Ministry programs are designed to prepare students for various ministry and church leadership pathways, including as a pastor, religious educator, or youth minister. For example, MVNU Online offers the following degrees:

In each of these programs, you’ll receive practical, Bible-based instruction aimed at helping you live your purpose and pursue your calling.

3. Accessible Faith Integration

Attending an online Christian university offers the unique advantage of seamlessly integrating faith-based ideals into every aspect of the educational experience. With MVNU Online, you can nurture your spiritual life in a way that fits your schedule. In addition to exploring the intersection of your major with Christian values, you can also participate in activities such as streamed chapel services and online prayer groups.

4. Community and Fellowship

It’s understandable to wonder how online Christian colleges foster a sense of community and fellowship. After all, it can be difficult to imagine when everyone is in a different location. However, online Christian colleges facilitate a strong sense of community among students. No matter where you are, you’ll join other adult learners similarly committed to completing their degrees and reaching their career goals.

With MVNU Online, there are plentiful opportunities to grow your network and make new connections with students who share your beliefs and goals. Through interactions with students, faculty, and staff, you can enhance your learning and build a genuine sense of belonging.

5. Cost-Effective Education

Online colleges are often more cost-effective than traditional brick-and-mortar institutions. For example, when completing your degree online, you can avoid costly commuting, housing, and dining hall expenses. Additionally, many online colleges offer financing options and assistance. With MVNU Online, you pay tuition per course, not by semester, allowing you to budget your education costs as you progress through your degree. Also, when you apply, you’ll have access to a financial aid counselor who can explain financial aid opportunities. In addition to federal financial aid, you can explore private scholarships and grants, Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits, and employer tuition reimbursement.

6. Freedom of Religious Expression

Christian online colleges create an environment in which students can openly express and live their faith. With MVNU Online, you won’t be required to separate your beliefs from your coursework, nor will you be graded based on your beliefs. Grades are based on the successful completion of coursework and all other degree requirements, not your faith or denomination.

MVNU Online students are not required to be confessing Christians. Christians and non-Christians alike are welcome to participate in our community that recognizes and supports religious expression.

Explore an Online Christian Education with MVNU Online

An online education at a Christian university offers more than just coursework in your chosen field. It also provides rich opportunities to make connections and bring your whole self to a welcoming community of learners. With MVNU Online, you’ll find all those benefits, plus the affordability and flexibility you need to fit a college education into your busy life. 

Pursuing a college degree, online or otherwise, requires time and energy. But when you choose an online Christian college, you’ll benefit from faith-based instruction, a comprehensive curriculum that prepares you for real-world career success, and the convenience of online, asynchronous learning. Take a glimpse at a typical week with MVNU Online in this detailed infographic.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your college education, apply to MVNU Online today!

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