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Logistics managers are an integral part of a business organization as they help improve efficiency within the supply chain. The logistics managers are responsible for keeping inventory at optimal levels and propelling their companies forward. Their contribution directly impacts the customer experience as it correlates to orders being processed reliably and on time. Their ability to think quickly and strategically has helped logisticians become one of the top-paying business careers, with a median pay of $74,750 per year¹. Pursuing an MBA in Logistics can provide further opportunities for those looking to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. As the world's economy continues to soar, studying for an MBA in Logistics can have lucrative benefits.

What is Logistics Management?

Logistics management is the control and supervision of raw materials and goods to meet the consumer's ever-changing demands and requirements. This process is vital as it pertains to the current and future profitability of a company. A logistics manager must know how to integrate workflows to keep track of inventory to ensure supply and demand are fulfilled. Their job is to analyze, visualize, and optimize the logistical processes to maximize a company's bottom line. A career as a logistician includes oversight of transportation, freight, inventory, handling of materials, and ultimately fulfilling orders.

Why is a Logistics Manager Invaluable to a Business?

Logistics managers have a two-fold focus: to coordinate both internal and external flows of the product successfully. They help bring the project life cycle to fruition, which keeps the company profitable. The perfect logistics manager will know how to create faster cycle times, identify equipment needs, increase productivity, and provide detailed documentation. A business manager with a Masters in Logistics or MBA in Logistics Management will have a formidable understanding of the role and requirements.

What You Can Gain from a Masters or MBA in Logistics

With a Master's or MBA in Logistics Management, you can gain real-world knowledge to manage global supply chains while working across functional areas effectively. You'll also acquire the skills needed to make sound leadership decisions for business functions under your direct supervision, including the ability to:

  1. Maintain Inventory. A company can only exist if it has products or services to sell. The logistics manager fulfills the most elementary need of any business — ensuring there are products to market.
  2. Influence Profit Margins. The logistics manager has authority over the supply chain factors, such as cost of freight, sourcing, and import duties. Their decisions influence the company's profit margins.
  3. Control Operational Expenses. An efficient logistics manager continually looks for ways to reduce operating costs by getting better deals with carriers and optimizing routings, charges, and filings.
  4. Operate Internationally. A company seeking to do international business relies on its logistics manager to source cost-effective solutions abroad and take advantage of FTAs and special duty treatments.
  5. Increase Reliability. A large percentage of buyers make purchases based on guarantees or warranties without the presence of the product. The logistics manager must guarantee delivery, and when reliable, builds the company's reputation.
  6. Company Cohesiveness. The logistics manager collaborates with all the other departments to ensure that sales, accounting, order management, and shipping work seamlessly.
  7. Improve Customer Service. An ambitious logistics manager will go the extra mile by negotiating the sale as complete upon arrival, rather than making the buyer responsible for the goods during shipping.

Further Your Business Career

Apply to Our Online BMA in Logistics Management at MVNU

At Mount Vernon Nazarene University (MVNU), our MBA in Logistics Management program can provide you the leadership skills needed to run a supply chain confidently. Our rolling 6-week class format allows adult learners to focus on one class at a time, with open enrollment year-round. You could earn an MBA in Logistics Management, entirely online, in as little as 19 months. Enhance your career path and gain extensive knowledge on what it takes to become a top-level business executive. Contact us today to learn more about earning an MBA in Logistics.

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