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Fun Facts

Rock climbing, playing music, reading, gymnastics
Favorite quote:
“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything,” Vincent Van Gogh
Favorite holiday:
Fourth of July

Matias Malkamaki '21

Major: Biology & Chemistry, double major
Campus Involvement: Chapel band, mentor, Blood Drive team, CoSMO groups, small group leader, lab assistant, Music & Ministry

“I have not experienced such a caring and intentional community anywhere else. If you are looking for people to invest in you, you do not have to look far to find them.”


“I had a full ride to Cleveland State University but before I officially enrolled there, I wanted to visit one or two small colleges. After visiting MVNU, I just knew God was calling me here. It was the atmosphere, the friendly students, the stories of amazing professors, the opportunity to be on the Music and Ministry team, and the call of God that drew me in.”

Academic Excellence

“The team atmosphere that exists between science peers at MVNU is a rare and priceless gift. The students I take classes with all care enough about their classmates to help a friend out if someone is struggling. The amount of group studying and resource sharing that goes on in my chemistry and biology classes is one of the best parts of the program.”

Changed by MVNU

“I will never forget what my admissions counselor said during my personal tour of campus. She told me, 'Matias, most people ask me what it is this school can do for them and I answer in the best way I know how. But, what we can do for you is not why I think you should be here. I want you here because I know that you can give back to this place in some amazing ways. A place like this is really about what you can give back instead of just what you can get out of it.' Oddly enough, these words sold me. I know that my life is not my own and just as Jesus gave His all for me, how can I do any less with my life. I truly love this place and, most of all, its people.”

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