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International Executive Studies — Master of Science in Management (MSM) Information Technology Management (STEM)

Next Start Dates

June 10, 2024

July 8, 2024

Sept. 2, 2024

International Executive Studies — Master of Science in Management (MSM) Information Technology Management (STEM)

Information Technology Management is one of six comprehensive MSM concentrations offered by MVNU.

The MSM with an Information Technology Management concentration develops strategically-minded leaders to oversee IT systems, teams, and emerging technologies. This forward-looking program combines strong business acumen with hands-on technology management skills.

The Information Technology Management concentration prepares students to:

  • Manage IT infrastructure, systems, budgets, and teams
  • Develop technology strategy aligned with business goals
  • Drive IT adoption, governance, and change management
  • Optimize cloud computing deployment, security, costs, and scalability
  • Pursue leadership roles as IT managers, CIOs, CTOs, and technology executives

This hybrid program allows working IT professionals to upskill into leadership roles overseeing IT strategy, infrastructure, and service delivery.

Curriculum enriched by AWS Academy

At MVNU, our exceptional curriculum is enriched by Amazon Web Services (AWS), providing you with a unique and comprehensive learning experience. While AWS Academy diligently develops and maintains content, we take pride in supplementing our curriculum with excellent materials from AWS.

Engaging Content

Designed specifically for higher education, our courses cater to students like you, who may not have industry work experience. Our curriculum team ensures that you receive engaging content, including demonstrations, projects, activities, and knowledge checks, tailored to enhance your learning experience. Unlike typical commercial AWS courses that are brief, our courses span a quarter or a semester, allowing for a more in-depth exploration of cloud technologies.

Aligned to AWS Certification

As a student at MVNU, you'll find our curriculum aligns with AWS Certifications, recognized throughout the industry for identifying skilled professionals leading cloud initiatives. Our courses not only equip you with foundational knowledge and hands-on experience for AWS Certification exams but also emphasize broader cloud skill domains. It's worth mentioning that our curriculum goes beyond just preparing you for certification exams.

Employment Readiness

When it comes to preparing for your future career, MVNU ensures you acquire up-to-date skills in cloud technologies and provides resources that set you on the path to in-demand IT jobs. You'll also have the opportunity to pursue industry-recognized AWS Certifications. With knowledge of the AWS Cloud, hands-on experience, and AWS Certifications, you'll stand out when you embark on your professional journey.

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MSM Highlights

An MSM, especially one from an intentionally Christian university, can help you stand out from the competition.

Residency Requirements

MVNU's International Executive Studies programs have an in-seat residency requirement.

Books and Outside Resources

Textbooks will be embedded throughout most courses at no additional charge. However, some courses may require an outside book or resource that students will need to buy separately. A link to the university's book program will be provided to students when necessary.

Group 7002 (2)

Tuition & Cost

$623 per credit hour

$125 per credit hour
scholarship is available

Group 6999

Program Length

20 months

Group 7002

Total Credit Hours



Concentration courses will include:

Foundations of Cloud
Computing and Management

This introductory course provides an overview of cloud computing concepts, deployment models, economics, core infrastructure services, security, architecture, billing, and support. Offers students an opportunity to gain the skills needed to pursue certification as an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - Foundational. Students will gain knowledge to make informed decisions about cloud adoption and management. The course covers foundational management skills including risk assessment, vendor management, change management, and disaster recovery planning.

Managing Cloud Security

This hands-on management course provides students experience securing cloud resources and data. Topics include identity and access management, network security, encryption, monitoring, logging, and incident response. Offers students an opportunity to gain the skills needed to pursue a digital badge - AWS Cloud Security Foundations. Students will learn to manage cloud security using industry best practices and services. The course covers management skills like risk assessments, auditing, security policies, and governance.

Managing Cloud
Infrastructure Operations

This hands-on course teaches students to build, secure, and manage cloud application development using best practices. Offers students an opportunity to gain the skills needed to pursue certification as an AWS Certified Developer - Associate. Students will learn to oversee teams using cloud functions, databases, API gateways, and messaging services. Prepares students for management roles overseeing cloud application development.

Curriculum stats/highlights

The MSM curriculum is comprised of six graduate business core courses making up 18 credit hours.

The remaining 12 credit hours are taken in the student’s chosen concentration - Computer Science, Data Analytics, Engineering Management, Healthcare Informatics, or Information Technology Management.


Core Courses Credit Hours
Ethics Leadership 3
Budgets and Forecasting 3
Organizational Behavior 3
Marketing Management 3
Strategic Management 3
Global Business 3
Total MSM Core Hours 18
Information Technology Management Concentration Courses
Credit Hours
Legal Aspects of Information Systems Management 3
Foundations of Cloud Computing and Management 3
Managing Cloud Security 3
Managing Cloud Infrastructure Operations 3
Total Information Technology Management Courses 12
Total MSM Core Hours 18
+ MSM Information Technology Management Concentration 12
Total MSM Hours 30

How much will it all cost?

Group 7002 (2)

Tuition & Fees

$20,190 includes:

Year 1 Fees:
Resource Fee $200

Year 2 Fees:
Resource Fee $200
Graduation Fee $100


Group 7002


$3,750 IES Scholarship*

*Student accepted into an IES program are automatically eligible to receive a scholarship up to $125 per credit hour.


Total Student Cost


Total tuition and fees minus scholarship.


The Information Technology Management MSM concentration is ideal for IT professionals interested in advancing their careers managing technology systems, data, and teams. Possible roles include IT Director, Security Architect, Infrastructure Manager, and more.

If you have strong technical skills and managerial abilities, earning an MSM in Information Technology Management is an excellent way to reach new heights in your technology career.

Combining business acumen with technology management skills, graduates from this program might pursue roles like:

  • IT Manager/Director: $90,000 - $160,000 per year.
  • IT Consultant: $80,000 - $140,000 per year.
  • Information Systems Manager: $80,000 - $150,000 per year.

Career-Focused Concentrations

MVNU’s IES MSM programs blend an 18-hour core education with 12 hours of concentrated coursework that covers an array of topics. Within each concentration, students receive industry-specific training from expert faculty members that can unlock growth potential in public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Explore what we have to offer:

This cutting-edge program combines business management fundamentals with hands-on Computer Science courses in cloud computing, security, and application development.

This dynamic program combines strong business acumen with hands-on analytics skills highly valued in today's data-rich business environment.

This innovative program combines business fundamentals with specialized knowledge in engineering, analytics, and strategic decision-making.

This concentration develops leaders capable of leveraging data, analytics, and information technology to improve healthcare systems, services, and patient outcomes.

This forward-looking program combines strong business acumen with hands-on technology management skills.

This concentration is ideal for business professionals interested in a career in designing and managing business processes, either directly (e.g., VP of Operations or COO) or indirectly (e.g., management consulting).

business men and women who are working hard Working late into the night to complete tasks according to set goals The two of them looked at the company's financial graph attentively.
Diverse team of system engineers analyzing html script
Business teamwork brainstorming strategy marketing planning. Male manager presentation with computer for female worker inside office listens to meeting report project.

Cultivating valuable decision-making and leadership skills can help you take the next step in your career. Whether your goal is to invest in your potential or achieve a more fulfilling role, our degree programs offer in-depth coverage that can help you transition from learning to leading.

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