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5 Reasons to Pursue a Teaching Career

Increased teaching shortages during the 2020-2021 academic year have heightened the demand for quality teachers heading into 2022. If you have been considering a career in teaching, now is the ideal time to work toward that goal. At MVNU, we offer Bachelor of Elementary Education and Master of Education programs to help students pursue this rewarding career path.

5 Benefits of Careers in

Although technological advancements and other factors have produced new challenges in education, teachers continue to reap unique benefits in their careers. As more elementary, middle school, and high school teachers retire or transfer to new jobs, current students see greater opportunities to pursue this career path. Consider the following advantages of teaching careers to
decide if this is the best option for you:

Lasting Impact

Teachers have opportunities to make lasting impressions on generations. As students spend the most time at school each day, they often reach out to their teachers to ask questions and share ideas. In turn, instructors inspire them to reach their maximum potential through engaging curriculums and personal insights. They can also teach students vital skills that remain useful
throughout their adult lives, such as managing stress and resolving conflicts
with others.

Frequent Variety

In teaching, no two days are quite the same. As students respond to class material differently, a teacher may spend one day discussing numerous concepts and another day reviewing a single, more challenging idea. Additionally, students may be more interested in one subject over another,
leading the teacher to develop new methods to stimulate engagement. While the variance in work certainly keeps teachers on their toes, it is also ideal for individuals who look forward to facing new and interesting challenges each day. Students may ask questions that lead class discussions down an unexpected path, and course curriculums include new topics every year. As a teacher, you will experience several opportunities to remain engaged with your work.

Ample Work Opportunities

No matter how many jobs technology automates, there will always be a need for human instructors. Teaching is a transferable skill that you can take with you just about anywhere, allowing you to instruct students in different states and countries. International education programs are expanding rapidly, and require instructors with the proper certification and training. On the other hand,
job security in the field allows teachers to stay in the same position for many years.

Professional Growth

From current events to emerging educational strategies, there are always new
opportunities for teachers to learn and grow. In this profession, you can strengthen your skills and discover unique methods to ensure each student is engaged and excited about the material. Many instructors have the privilege to serve diverse classrooms, helping them foster inclusive curriculums with meaningful lessons and learning opportunities tailored to students with special

Lasting Rewards

Teachers may face day-to-day challenges, but they also experience rewards that few other professionals can. Many educators know the joy of helping students overcome hurdles and find the motivation to succeed. They watch as students conquer their differences to work together and light up over exciting subjects. As each class graduates, teachers walk away with memories they
can cherish for years to come.

Begin Your Teaching Career With MVNU

Although careers in teaching deliver numerous benefits, it can be challenging for working adults to find time for education while balancing their current job and personal responsibilities. At MVNU, we offer working students the flexibility they need through online degree programs. Our accredited programs allow you to develop skills that meet the demands of modern classrooms while managing your busy schedule. If you wish to start a teaching career, you can earn an initial Ohio teaching license online with MVNU. This program is taught by skilled instructors with experience as classroom teachers and administrators who will help you build and strengthen your knowledge of instructional pedagogy, learning theory, educational ethics, and leadership. Request more information today.

Online degree programs from Mount Vernon Nazarene University are designed with working adults in mind.

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