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Pursuing a master’s degree in education can open the door to an exciting new world of career opportunities and personal growth. Even if you’ve already started your career in teaching or another field, you can take the next step with a master’s degree program designed to help you pursue your goals while you continue working.

If you’ve ever considered expanding your credentials with a master’s degree, discover how one of MVNU Online’s education degree programs can help you build a rewarding career as an Ohio educator.

Top 5 Reasons to Pursue a Master's Degree in Education

Going back to school for a master’s degree in education may be one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. After all, pursuing an advanced degree requires effort, commitment, and a readiness to expand your knowledge and skills. But when you think of everything you stand to gain, you may decide that now is a great time to get started.

Here are five key reasons to consider pursuing a master’s degree in education:

1. Satisfy your passion

Educators have an incredible opportunity to make a difference in students’ lives, and that may be what attracted you to the field in the first place. Educators not only teach new concepts, but they also change lives. In a recent YouGov poll, 53 percent of adults said they had a teacher who changed their lives for the better.

Taking your education to the next level with a master’s degree can help you pursue your passions more deeply, allowing you to help students reach their potential and have the most rewarding educational experience possible. Throughout an education degree program, you’ll build new teaching skills, learn how to design curricula, and discover ways to inspire the next generation of leaders.

2. Gain opportunities for career growth

Some teachers find joy and fulfillment in teaching the same subjects for decades, whether they are the beloved elementary school art instructor or the high school social studies teacher everyone wants. With a master’s degree in education, you can pursue a steady career path in teaching, but you will also have opportunities to make lateral and vertical moves both in and outside of a traditional school environment.

Although you may choose to pursue a traditional teaching role after getting your master’s degree, you will also become eligible for other educator roles that require a master’s degree. Some examples include:

  • Intervention specialist
  • Early childhood special educator
  • Middle childhood special educator
  • High school special educator

3. Achieve higher earning potential

There is an ongoing debate about pay for educational professionals, and many acknowledge that teachers should be paid more. With a master’s degree, there’s a strong chance your earning potential will be higher. According to research from the National Education Association, the starting salary for teachers with a master’s degree is 8.7 percent higher than the starting salary for teachers with a bachelor’s degree.

Although your earning potential will vary according to other factors—including your experience level, location, and work setting here are the median pay levels for the following roles as reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics:

4. Gain job security

Education professionals will always be necessary, not only in K-12 schools and universities, but also anywhere individuals need to learn new processes and skills. As a result, an education degree offers an abundance of work opportunities across multiple industries and locations.

Another factor contributing to higher job security for education professionals is the nationwide teacher shortage. According to the president of the National Education Association, there is a shortage of nearly 300,000 educators and support staff across the United States. Schools eager to hire might be even more interested in candidates with a master’s degree, as the advanced credentials demonstrate an ability to perform a wider variety of job responsibilities.

5. Advance your knowledge

If you love learning new things and broadening your horizons with a formal learning experience, a master’s degree in education may be the perfect fit. The degree program expands your knowledge of complex concepts in education theory and prepares you to apply what you’ve learned in the real world. You’ll also learn new best practices for classroom instruction and have experiences that help you see the dynamic intersection of education policy, leadership, and day-to-day program management.

Once you complete your master’s degree, you can further advance your education. You could pursue additional professional licenses or a doctorate in education (EdD).

Master's Degree in Education Options

You may have many reasons for pursuing an advanced degree in education, but you also have options for the type of degree you pursue. MVNU Online offers three distinct online master’s degrees in education for adult learners. All three options build specialized knowledge and prepare you for roles that align with your personal and professional career goals.

Whether you’re already a teacher or you want to make a career change, MVNU Online’s comprehensive Master of Arts curriculum can help you get closer to reaching your goals. Our MA programs in education prepare you to pursue Ohio educator licenses and include the following options:

This degree program is ideal for working adults seeking to make a career change into teaching. The fully online program offers a solid foundation in instructional design, educational theory, classroom management, and more. Moreover, in addition to gaining hands-on classroom experience, you will be prepared to pursue Ohio teacher licensure in one of 11 license areas.

Want to build a career in special education? Then consider the Master of Arts in Education program with the initial intervention specialist license. You’ll learn how to implement and evaluate Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) for students in grades K-12. With a combination of in-classroom and online learning, you will be prepared to earn your initial Ohio state license as an Intervention Specialist for Mild/Moderate (ISM) Disabilities.

If you already have your teaching license and want to expand your knowledge of special education, then consider the online M.A.Ed. Intervention Specialist Program. This 18 month program has classes online and includes a 75-hour advanced practicum working with students with disabilities in person. This program leads to full Ohio licensure as an Intervention Specialist for Mild/Moderate Disabilities.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Master's Degree in Education

Now that you’ve considered all the benefits, deciding to pursue your master’s degree in education may be a no-brainer. You will develop in-demand skills and be prepared for roles where you’ll have daily opportunities to make a difference in your students’ lives. And when you pursue your degree online, you won’t have to pause your career or put your life on hold.

Want to learn more about how MVNU Online can help you build a rewarding education career?
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