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Elementary Education & Intervention (P-5)

Share knowledge with future generations and ensure equal learning opportunities for children.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Elementary Education & Intervention (P-5)

MVNU’s inclusive elementary preparation program prepares you to teach grades PreK-5 and results in two Ohio teaching licenses: general education PK-5 and Intervention Specialist PK-5. This gives you an extra edge in the eyes of employers and expands your future teaching career options.

MVNU's Jetter School of Professional Studies has long been known for the quality of its education programs because of the unique opportunities for extensive hands-on field experience offered to students starting freshman year. This kind of experience will help you develop effective teaching practices, give you real classroom experience, allow you to make connections with local schools and educators, and bulk up your résumé.


Elementary Education & Intervention Curriculum

Explore a robust education major’s course schedule designed for tomorrow’s pre-school through fifth-grade teachers.

Faith & learning at MVNU

As an intentionally Christian University, we integrate our faith into everything we do at MVNU. From prayer before class to exploring real-world moral and ethical dilemmas, we’ll teach you what it means to shine forth.


MVNU offers a number of fantastic travel and study afar programs designed to broaden your perspective, introduce you to new and exciting domestic and international cultures, and enhance your resume.


Need a little help with finances? We’ve got you covered. Explore scholarships, grants, and other resources to help you pay for your education.

The TEACH grant is available for students who plan to teach in high-need areas after graduation.

MVNU has many endowed scholarships available for students of a wide variety of backgrounds and majors.

Elementary Education facts & figures

CAEP Accredited


Job Growth in elementary ed




Years of field experiences


An Elementary Education/Elementary Intervention P-5 degree from MVNU will properly prepare you to teach grades PK-5 in both general and special education.


Teach PK-5 in a classroom or online setting in general education or special education.


Work with public school systems to implement curriculum.


Work in a private school setting and develop learning strategies.


Try on a charter school for customized curriculum development.


Incorporate your faith and learning in the classroom.

A group of small school children with teacher on field trip in nature, learning science.
Many hands of volunteers during Maths class

MVNU has a strong reputation for producing compassionate, competent, and committed educators who are also real-world ready. Employers know that we exceed the number of field hours required for licensure by the state of Ohio — because of that reputation, our grads are always in high demand. The vast majority of them secure jobs not long after, and sometimes even prior to, graduation. Administrators seek out our graduates for openings in their schools and districts.

Hyson Campus Center

The Education Department is located on the second floor of Hyson Campus Center — a centralized hub that merges academics and campus life.

The first floor of Hyson Campus Center is home to the dining commons, President's Dining Room, The Recreational Equipment Center (The Rec), Student Government Association, and the new student union.

On the second floor you will find the offices of Campus Ministries, Student Life, Counseling, Intercultural Learning and Engagement, Center for Global Engagement, the School of Christian Ministry, and the Education Department. Campus-wide activities such as Global Spotlights (pictured) take place in the lobby. Classrooms are found on both the second and third floors.

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