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Educators who enjoy helping children may find a career as an intervention
specialist highly rewarding. In Ohio, educators with valid standard teaching
certificates or licenses can request supplemental licenses in intervention
specialist fields while working towards standard licensure in that area.

Dedicated to seeing students further their education through accelerated on-
campus and online programs, Mount Vernon Nazarene University (MVNU)
can help you achieve an intervention specialist degree online. Discover what
this job title entails and how you can apply for supplemental licensure in this

What is an Intervention Specialist?

Intervention specialists help students with mild to moderate disabilities
navigate life at school. They may work exclusively with students with physical,
emotional, mental, or learning disabilities or serve students who are
experiencing various challenges. They may work in classrooms as teachers or
special educators and work with elementary or adolescent-age students

Responsibilities of
Intervention Specialists

School-based intervention specialists and special education teachers serve
students in numerous ways, including:

  • Assessing student performance to establish their specific needs
  • Creating and adjusting Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) for each
  • Providing students with counsel
  • Adapting everyday coursework to make it more digestible for struggling
  • Discussing student progress with family members, teachers, and other
  • Planning activities specific to student needs and/or abilities
  • Teaching and mentoring students in groups or individually
  • Referring students to specialists, if necessary

Education Requirements
for Intervention Specialists

Generally, you must have a bachelor’s degree and a state-issued license to
begin a career as an intervention specialist at a public school. Private schools
usually do not require licensure or certification, but most expect you to have a
bachelor’s degree. With a master’s degree, you can independently perform
other services, such as counseling, to amplify your career.

MVNU offers an online intervention specialist degree program. This
comprehensive program results in a Master of Arts in Education degree and
Ohio licensure as an Intervention Specialist for Mild/Moderate Disabilities.

Pursuing an Intervention
Specialist License in Ohio

Between 2020 and 2030, jobs for special education teachers are likely to
increase nationwide by 8% overall, providing ample opportunities for
graduates to pursue rewarding career paths. Earning a supplemental teaching
license while working towards your standard license as an intervention
specialist can help pave the way toward an in-demand career in your desired

Initial One-Year Supplemental License

To attain a one-year supplemental license, educators must have a currently
valid standard Ohio teaching certificate or license and work in a teaching
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position in an Ohio school or a district that requires the licensure area. They
must also successfully finish the content assessment for the licensure area.
An experienced teacher with a standard teaching license in the same or
similar field of study mentors you once you receive the initial license. Be
aware that you must complete the supplemental licensure program and
achieve the standard license in one content area before seeking a
supplemental license in another.

Renewing Your Supplemental License

You can renew the one-year supplemental teaching license twice to complete
the program requirements. The Education Department will only replace the
license if you have a currently valid Ohio teaching license/certificate and hold
a teaching title in an Ohio school or a district that requires the supplemental
licensure area.

Supplemental License Programs

To be eligible for a standard intervention specialist license, educators must
complete one of the two supplemental programs offered in Ohio. One program
requires teachers to fulfill reading/phonics and pedagogy coursework in the
requested licensure area through an accredited college or university. They
must also pass the Ohio Assessment for Educators (OAE) 090, Foundations
of Readings exam, and verify successful completion of at least two years of
mentored teaching.
Another option includes completing an approved, traditional teacher-
preparation program at an accredited college or university and following their
path toward licensure. At MVNU, you can achieve the initial Ohio state license
as an intervention specialist for mild and moderate disabilities. This program
allows working adults to attain an intervention specialist degree online while
also offering the class fieldwork required for the license. Our high-quality
curriculum builds around the core courses for the M.A.Ed degree, which was
named the Best Online Master’s in Education in 2018 by Affordable Colleges

Start Your Career as an Intervention Specialist at MVNU

When seeking an intervention specialist degree online, turn to MVNU for an
affordable, convenient, and quality education. 

The right master’s program can set you up for the career that you want. At Mount Vernon Nazarene University we offer a wide variety of undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education programs. Our online programs are designed to accommodate working adults who are balancing school, family life, and a career. To learn more about pursuing an online master's degree as an Intervention Specialist, contact us today!

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