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Why Give to MVNU?

Be part of our rich tradition and bright future, fueled by the Holy Spirit.

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A Rich Legacy of Giving

MVNU is a growing, thriving, Christian university that has a long and storied history. Through your sacrifice and generosity you are investing in and influencing a student experience that builds character, increases aptitude, and prepares them for service.

Sow in Faith, Reap a Bountiful Harvest

Giving to MVNU is carrying on the model of generosity demonstrated by our founding staff and donors. Without their continued efforts and God’s unique way of working through His people, the educational offerings and exceptional campus would not be what they are today.


People give graciously, believing that God has the ability to take our limited resources and do incredible things. It is not always about how much we give, but our willingness to give generously where God can use it. Your financial partnership is a substantial part in supporting MVNU’s mission.

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