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Planned Giving

Impact the Future

Planned Giving

Planned Giving is a decision to find ways to extend your caring influence into the future of the people, causes and institutions about which you care.

Everyone, whether rich, poor or somewhere between, have someone or something we love and want to bless. Everyone has a heritage to give. Planned Giving begins with the decision to make that heritage, big or small, make the most difference possible.

With thoughtful consideration, you can make decisions now that will impact generations to come.

Planned Giving allows for protection of assets, provisions for family, potential income for you and your family and providing for the needs of MVNU students for years to come. Planned Giving at MVNU is “Changing the World with the Love of Christ!”

Ways To Plan Your Giving

Your Will

A bequest is the best way to plan a gift that costs nothing now!

Everyone needs a will, no matter the size of your estate, or how old you are. MVNU has partnered with FreeWill to give you a free, online resource to help you write your will in 20 minutes or less.

While you are putting aside the time for those you love, why not consider a lasting legacy at MVNU. A gift in your will today means that we can continue leading Christ-centered education for future leaders, citizens, and professionals - today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

This resource is completely free to you regardless of whether or not you choose to include a bequest in your will. If you have any questions about FreeWill, do not hesitate to reach out.

We recognize the foresight these most thoughtful donors by including them in our Heritage Society, a group of individuals who have included MVNU in their estate planning. Find out more about this honored society here.

A bequest in a will can be for a specific amount, for a percentage of your estate, or for all, or a portion, that is left after you have made provisions for any other concerns.

Additionally, you may wish to have the peace of mind of a consultation with your attorney, to confirm your bequest to MVNU warrants signing a new will. Language that may be used in a bequest can be viewed here.

Already have a legacy and an up-to-date will? The only thing left to do is fill out this online form to inform us of your gift. By doing so, you can become a member of our giving societies and be properly thanked for your gift.

Other Gifts That Cost You Nothing Now

Life insurance is a very flexible way to structure your Heritage. You can name the University as the primary beneficiary or as a successor beneficiary of a life insurance policy. When the proceeds are received by the university, your estate will be allowed a charitable deduction.

Retirement/plan benefits offer an attractive option for charitable giving. Preserves plan’s value and allows you to leave heirs less costly bequests. Mount Vernon Nazarene University can be named as the designated beneficiary of all, or part, of the residual balance of qualified retirement plans, or as a “remainderman” when the residual balances transfer to the trustee of a charitable remainder trust.

Include MVNU as one of your beneficiaries here.

Gifts That Pay You A Lifetime Income

Gift Annuity
With a contributed asset, this option gives you and/or another beneficiary a set income for life.

Charitable Trusts
A trust that pays an income to you and those you name before MVNU receives the remainder.

For more information, please contact the development team at 1-800-367-9294, option 2 or John Mohnasky.

Gifts You Can Give Now

Cash is always the easiest, most direct and popular way to support Mount Vernon Nazarene University and the charitable deduction on your taxes can make your net cost much lower than the actual amount of the gift.
Endowment Funding
Amounts given in an endowment gift can be added to any time after it is funded. The money is held so that it produces a permanent source of income to support practically any part of the mission and work of MVNU.
Securities and Real Estate
This kind of gift, called “gifts of appreciated assets,” are non-cash gifts that may be subject to certain restrictions, but may provide even better tax benefits than the equivalent amount of a cash gift. (An appreciated asset has been held “long-term” (more than one year).

Further  Gift Options

There are many different types of plans you may want to consider in your estate planning. Each presents different tax benefits, benefits to your heirs, and ways in which you may generously support MVNU. Some options are listed below. Your attorney and tax advisor will help you determine if one of these is best for you, or if it will benefit you to move in a different direction.

  • Living Trust – A trust you establish to take effect during your lifetime
  • Donor Advised Fund – Allows you to specify where and when distributions are made
Contact your attorney and tax advisor for further details about each plan and other options available to you.

Heritage Society

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