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Fairbanks Center for Global Engagement - Giving

Giving to the Fairbanks Center for Global Engagement

The Fairbanks Center for Global Engagement and endowment carry the Fairbanks’ name because Dr. E. Lebron and Anne were integral in fostering MVNU’s global impact and setting the example of being global citizens. The work of the Fairbanks Center for Global Engagement has been central to the heart of MVNU since our founding, but Anne and Lebron helped us engage our heads, hearts, and hands by partnering with friends around the world in mutually beneficial ways.


Tell Us How You Would Like to be Involved

Fostering a global perspective doesn’t just happen—it’s something we cultivate together.

Gifts of time and talent are bridging the gap between knowledge and experience. MVNU alumni, friends and Collaboratory partners can mentor students, sharing their vocational knowledge and insight, as well as engaging in missional ministry locally and globally.

Gifts of treasure further the work of the Center and allow the MVNU community to make a real difference in the world — now and in the future. You may choose to give a general donation to the Center, sponsor an initiative for a year, or name an initiative through an endowment.

Everyone has the ability to provide support for the Fairbanks Center for Global Engagement through your gifts of time, talent, and treasure. Opportunities include:
  • Support financially
  • Join the Advisory Board
  • Pray for the Fairbanks Center for Global Engagement and its mission
  • Be a partner in developing trips and experiences
  • Receive updates
  • Be a partner on a Collaboratory project

Click here to tell us how you would like to be involved and someone will be in contact with you.

Giving Opportunities

Global Learning Partnerships

Fund the programming, staff, and other resources needed to establish and expand our global
partnerships locally, nationally, and across the globe.
Endowment Naming Opportunity — $1,000,000


Support key operations, including grants for project initiatives and staffing.
Endowment Naming Opportunity — $500,000

Missionary-in-Residence Program

Enable Nazarene Missionaries to spend a semester on campus teaching courses, speaking across the
region, and hosting co-curricular events.
Endowment Naming Opportunity — $250,000

Global Learning Academy

Fund the creation and facilitation of workshops and training events for the MVNU community,
churches, and districts.
Endowment Naming Opportunity — $100,000

Global Spotlights

Fund co-curricular events that help bring global perspectives and experiences to campus.
Endowment Naming Opportunity — $75,000

Innovation Grants

Establish grants to support activities related to developing and expanding learning and service
Endowment Naming Opportunity — $15,000 per named grant

International Student Support Grants

Provide funds for textbooks, welcome baskets, personal needs, and host events across the region.
Endowment Naming Opportunity — $15,000 per named grant

Bridge Scholarships

Create access to transformative study and service opportunities to and from the MVNU campus.
Endowment Naming Opportunity — $15,000 per named scholarship

MK Student Scholarships

Provide scholarships to children of missionaries to help off-set the cost of their MVNU education.
Endowment Naming Opportunity — $15,000 per named scholarship

To learn more about how to get involved through gifts of time, talent, and treasure, contact the the Director of the Fairbanks Center for Global Enagement Dr. Brenita Nicholas-Edwards here.

Help MVNU Change The World With The Love of Christ

We are asking you to help us reach our endowment goal of $1 million.

Your secure online donation goes straight toward the Center’s endowment, enabling MVNU students to be the hands and feet of Jesus — locally, nationally and globally.


Have something specific in mind? Contact us today and we’ll help you discover the best ways to give toward this powerful initiative.

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