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Tuition for Working Adult Students


When you’re already paying monthly bills for things like a mortgage, rent, and childcare, you’re not usually in a place to pay the per-semester rate most colleges would require for tuition. The GPS program and MVNU understands this and that’s why we structure tuition on a per-credit, course-by-course basis. 

How does this help you? In this structure, the overall cost of returning to school becomes more affordable. Only able to take one course per term? No problem. You’ll only pay for that course and the associated fees. 

And don’t forget, our working adult students are eligible for loans, grants, scholarships, and employer reimbursement programs. This lessens the total amount you’ll be expected to pay. In turn, the cost of finishing your degree won’t get in the way of your dreams.

This is why, Money Magazine named MVNU one of the “Best Colleges for Getting Big Scholarships” and listed us as second in Ohio for lowest average student debt.

As you think about paying for tuition and seek out financial assistance, consider the following factors:


Undergraduate Programs Cost per Credit Hour
Associate of  Arts in General Studies $265
Bachelor of Business Administration $398
Bachelor of Arts in Leadership $398
Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration $398
Bachelor of Social Work $350
Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education (P-5) $398
RN to BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) $398
Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry* $398
Bachelor of Arts in Emergency Management and Homeland Security $398


*All new Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry students receive a $300/course scholarship for the 12 core courses + $100/course scholarship for the 12 core courses plus 5 Ordination Concentration courses if enrolled in the Nazarene Ordination Concentration.


Graduate Programs Cost per Credit Hour
Graduate Business Programs $498
Master of Arts in Education Intervention Specialist Program (Initial License) $498
Master of Arts in Education Intervention Specialist Program (Licensed Teachers) $498
Master of Arts in Education (Professional Educator's License) $498
Master of Ministry * $498
Master of Ministry/ Master of Business Administration * $498
Master of Science in Nursing $498


* All new Master of Ministry students are eligible for a $5,000 scholarship.

Depending upon how you plan to take courses, working adults students attending MVNU’s GPS programs should further budget for:

  • Books and supplies
  • Personal and miscellaneous expenses
  • A loan fee
  • A technology fee
  • Transportation, if you plan to enroll in an on-campus program.

Before you apply to GPS, learn more about financial aid solutions for working adult students

Paying Your Tuition

You have options for the paying program costs. These will depend on if and how you receive tuition reimbursement from your employer:

  • Apply for financial aid first. After MVNU informs you of your eligibility, you’ll be responsible for paying the remaining balance.
  • Your employer sends a voucher or letter to MVNU’s Student Financial Services Office, and between this amount and your financial aid eligibility, you will be responsible for the outstanding balance, which is due by the first night of each course.
  • If your employer bases their tuition assistance on academic performance, you’ll need to pay the remaining tuition balance within four weeks after the course ends.

Understand that if tuition is not received by these deadlines, students will not be able to attend the course and may be withdrawn. However, if a student does pay by the deadline but does not end up attending, MVNU will issue a full tuition refund. If a student decides to withdraw from MVNU, they will be billed through the last course attended.

Student Financial Agreement

Prior to enrolling at MVNU, all GPS students must complete and submit the Student Financial Agreement form. This document confirms the student understands their financial obligation, regardless of outside assistance.

If a student fails to pay their tuition:

  • Enrollment in the current course or semester will be terminated.
  • MVNU will prohibit the student from enrolling for any new courses until the outstanding balance is paid.
  • Interest and fees may be added to the outstanding amount, and the amount may be sent to a collection agency.
  • MVNU will withhold all diplomas and transcripts.

Students have the right to appeal a delinquency classification, although the Student Financial Services Office has the final say in this decision. Once the school receives the outstanding balance, all diplomas and transcripts will be released.

Learn More About Tuition Rates For Working Adult Students

Do you have any questions about the tuition rates set for working adult students, financial aid policies, or related documentation? Reach out to the Financial Aid Office by email or by phone at 866-686-8243.

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