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Upperclassmen Housing


Incoming upperclassmen live in one of our eight residence halls.

There are seven apartment complexes:
  • Maplewood
  • Spruce
  • Elmwood
  • Rosewood
  • Cedar
  • Birch
  • Cypress
Each complex includes two or three townhome buildings and a courtyard. Students of the opposite sex will live in the same complex and share a courtyard, but will not live in the same building. There are several common lobbies, computer labs, vending machines, and free laundry facilities throughout campus that are available to MVNU residential students.


There is one residential hall:
  • Redwood
Redwood hall is for upperclassman males and females, and is broken up into two floors, each with a furnished common lobby and free laundry facilities. Redwood is broken up into suites, meaning there is a walk-through bathroom connecting every two rooms.

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