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4 Benefits to a Career in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
February 19, 2024

In today’s world of online retail, it’s easy to take our access to consumer goods for granted. But behind the shopping cart on your favorite website is a whole world of coordination. Supply chain managers and logisticians are responsible for ensuring that products move from business to consumer.

5 Fulfilling Callings You Can Pursue with an Online Ministry Degree
February 19, 2024

A ministry degree can open you up to several career opportunities. Our ministry programs overlap with leadership, management, and business administration courses, allowing students to gain a diverse set of skills that are needed across a variety of settings.

How to choose the Right Accounting Career Path
February 16, 2024

Accounting is an in-demand skill, allowing those who major or minor in the subject to explore several job openings after graduation. These positions are often quite lucrative and present frequent opportunities for growth. Accountants often receive promotions from their supervisors and can progress as high as the CEO in some cases.

While salary and available employment play a large part in career choice, many people also strive to find a career that gives them a sense of purpose. Graduates who follow accounting career paths may be surprised to find the rewarding opportunities it provides. For example, numerous accounting majors have used their talents to make a difference through government positions.

6 Reasons You Should Invest in an Online Project Management Degree
January 17, 2024

Share on Facebook Share on Linkedin Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest If you want to start or advance to the next stage of your career and aren’t quite sure what’s next, maybe you should consider getting an online degree in project management (PM). Project managers are in high demand…

The Difference Between Business Administration and Business Management
January 17, 2024

Share on Facebook Share on Linkedin Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest If you want to land a promotion or give your resume a boost, a business master’s degree is a great choice. One of the most popular degree types you may have heard of and considered is the Master…

Ohio elementary school teacher showing students how to build fun structures using colorful building blocks
Elementary School Teacher Requirements in Ohio
October 31, 2023

Discover what you need to become an Elementary School Teacher in Ohio. Join MVNU’s accredited online program today!

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