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Spiritual Formation Credits

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From start to finish, God’s intention for humankind is flourishing. As people live in loving cooperation with God, our lives unfurl into a flourishing tree that nourishes the world. It is our desire this year in chapel to spark your imagination toward flourishing. God’s way is the best way and leads to our good. Below, you will find helpful information including:

  • All the Spiritual Formation Opportunities available this semester with dates and times
  • How many Spiritual Formation Credits are required for you this semester
  • All the pertinent documents and links for the mentoring programs, wellness program, and commuter petitions.
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Senior Nursing, Social Work, and Education Majors must complete 10 credits. They may fulfill these credits via traditional means or via a Spiritual Formation Plan.
Commuter requirements are the same as residential students. To be considered for a reduced requirement, commuters must submit a petition for reduced credits to


What Spiritual Formation Opportunities are available to me?
There are over 60 spiritual formation opportunities available to every student this semester.


You receive spiritual formation credit by scanning a QR code at the end of service, event or small group gathering in the iAttended app on your smart phone. The app will contain a list of all spiritual formation opportunities as well as a current record of all credits received.

Check below for details.

MVNU has helped strengthen my convictions and character as well as make me more aware of my weaknesses. It has increased my confidence in any situation because I see myself as a child of God and this place has fostered my development into the man I was made to be.

Matias Malkamaki, ‘21

“My professors, coaches, friends, teammates, and other amazing mentors have guided and showed me Christ in a new way. They have all strengthened my faith and played a big part in who I am today.”

Ashley Weber, ‘21


In chapel, we worship together through song. We hear Scripture read, we pray together, and receive challenging messages from diverse speakers.

There are 27 credits available from chapel: 26 at 10:20 a.m. and 1 in the evening.


Get involved in service by participating in one of the CoSMO (Community Service Ministry Opportunities) groups during the semester.
  • Society of Christian Nurses
  • PB&J Club
  • Better Together
  • Knit Pray Love
  • Fostering Hope
  • Lunch Buddies
  • Escape Zone
  • Mandate
  • MVNU Grow

Contact Chelsea Porter for more information on participating in CoSMO or Team M2540.

You can earn up to 10 Spiritual Formation Credits from CoSMO.


The Justice Project is a service of Campus Ministry that exists to educate, engage, and practice justice. This semester the Justice Project will host Justice Talks over various themes such as the Bible and Violence, Race, Homosexuality, Stewarding Privilege, Human Trafficking, and Policing in Communities. The Justice Project will also host a few smaller events that cover themes like Fast Fashion, College Rape Culture, and Race through documentary viewings, panels, and informal discussions.
You can earn up to 10 Spiritual Formation Credits from the Justice Project.


Life Groups (For Upperclassmen): Upperclassmen and non-first year transfers will have the opportunity to choose elective small groups in one of three areas: relationships, vocation, and the Christian life. Life Groups are student led with a faculty or staff support. A student leader and faculty/staff member will work together to lead the group and select a resource from the Resource Library located in Campus Ministries. Students may receive up to 10 Spiritual Formation Credits. Students must enroll in a group to participate no later than Sept. 11th.


Belong Groups (For All First Year on Campus Students): Freshmen and First Time on Campus Transfers may receive up to 10 Spiritual Formation Credits by participating in their residentially-based small group. If you don't know when or where your small group meets, ask your Student Mentor. You can earn up to 10 Spiritual Formation Credits from your Small Group. (SGLs, you may not earn simultaneous credit for small groups and faculty/staff mentoring.


Students can participate in the online Wellness program and earn 5 credits. The Wellness Program encourages you to seek holistic health through the practice of Spiritual Disciplines, physical fitness, healthy eating, and mental health exercises. Participants are required to attend one of two offered night sessions throughout the semester.

This program is an all or nothing credit option. You must complete ALL requirements to earn the 5 credits. Registration deadline is Sep. 11, 2020 – must enroll with this link.

For more information regarding the wellness program, contact Rochelle Furniss or Jon Gerlach.


Rev. David Mills
Campus Pastor
Ext. 4111

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