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CH4 Stadium

No Place Like Home: CH4 Stadium

Our soccer and lacrosse teams now have a new facility to call home: the Mount Vernon Nazarene University CH4 Stadium!

The 2-phase plan was announced during the 2018 MVNU Homecoming. Phase 1 – turf field, lights, and scoreboard – was completed in 2019.

Construction of Phase 2 started in September 2021 and was completed in summer 2022. The new facility provides seating for 500, locker rooms, restrooms, concessions, press box, patio seating, and other amenities. The finished stadium enhances the game-day experience for athletes, fans, and broadcasters.

“I was here when we were playing on the old field with really long grass and a smaller stand. To go from that to having a facility like CH4 Stadium has been game changing for us. It gave us a much more professional environment. It has boosted attendance and built an atmosphere for our student section, our parents, and fans that has been helped push us over the line in a lot of games.”

— Joshua Dunn (’23)

Opportunities exist for individuals, families, and organizations to make donations for the continued operation and enhancement of Ch4 stadium.

Why CH4?


CH4 (Methane) is the primary component of natural gas, the fuel which enables the world to efficiently cook food, heat and cool homes, and generate electricity. It is a chemical building block for thousands of modern products. Found in abundance locally in the Utica and Marcellus shales — one of the largest gas reservoirs in the world — natural gas fuels our local economy and will continue to do so far into the future.

The naming of CH4 Stadium is a testament to the value of natural gas in our everyday lives and the bonding power of our community. Natural gas keeps us comfortable and safe, allowing us to focus our time on reaching our potential — to thrive and prosper, learn and study, train and compete, grow in faith, and develop in character.

Much like the attachment of four Hydrogen atoms with one Carbon atom to create Methane, the bond between Ariel Corporation, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, and the greater Mount Vernon and Knox County community is a perfect fit. Remove any one piece of the structure and it becomes something else — something less.

Using the chemical formula of CH4 as the stadium name, we pay tribute, not only to the local connection with Ariel Corporation, but also to a clean burning, reliable, and efficient energy source — the fuel that sparks new visions and powers partnerships throughout our community.

Soccer and Lacrosse Teams

Our soccer and lacrosse teams experienced great benefits from the 2019 addition of the turf field, scoreboard, and lights. Now, with the completion of CH4 Stadium, the facility fills the needs of the teams and is truly a game changer for their experience as well as their fans.

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Donors Make it Possible

Fundraising for the stadium began at the 2018 Homecoming 50th Anniversary Golden Gala. Trustees, administration, alumni, and community members immediately donated to add a new facility that would support ongoing athletic expansion efforts. From 2018 – 2022, many generous donors joined the effort that became the capstone of the Education Gateway Project – a partnership between MVNU, Mount Vernon City School District, the City of Mount Vernon, and Ariel Foundation – constructing facilities and public spaces that impact area community athletes of all ages.

We are blessed by the overwhelming generosity of these donors who support this stadium and our vision to provide additional opportunities for our students and the local community:

Championship Donors

Ariel Foundation

Leadership Donors

Mark & Denise Ramser
Park National Bank
Knox County Foundation

Partnership Donors

Tom & Bev Messenger

Fellowship Donors

Joe & Krys Mortellaro
Gordy & Fran Yancey
South Charleston First Church of the Nazarene
TC Energy Foundation
Larry & Diane ’80 Hammond
Marc & Jen Odenweller
Patrick & Sharon Dodds

Sponsorship Donors

Lee ’81 & Brenda ’83 Skidmore
Eugene & Evelyn Ball
Michael & Susan Cullado
Kent ’87 & Kelly (Weghorst) ’87 Estep
Dr. Henry & Sharon Spaulding
Stephen & Janet Thompson

Friendship Donors

Douglas ’78 and Deborah ’78 Boquist Kim & Pam (Sims) Rose
Adam ’02, MBA ’14 & Jenny Roberts
Terry & Theresa Schnipke
Stephen & Thais Ward
Dr. Carson & Dr. Angela ’00 Castleman
William & Rebecca Duke
Geoffrey ‘82 & Ramona ‘82 Kunselman
Phil ’79 & Cathy Manson
Larry & Cheryl Rhoads
Tracy ’15 & Rhonda Waal
James ’99 & Kelly ’00 Smith
Bryan ’82 & Tracie ’83 Clay
Michael ‘71 & Betsy ’70 Legg
William ’92 & Jennifer Forney
Bret ’95 & Beth Layton
Robert ’74 & Elaine ’74 Mahaffey
Robert ’01 & Amy ’01 Mahaffey
Greg ’93 & Holli ’93 Palmer
Vickie & Keith Sant
Bradley ‘82 & Adria ‘79 Schumann
Tommy ’06 & Debbie Zile
Doug ’98 & Jennifer ’98 Adkins
Wendell & Tammi Brown
Brooke Robinson ’09
Charles ’93 & Kim (Cliver) ’91 Preston
Thomas & Tara Gates
Eric ’99 & Kerri ’99 Stetler
Mary & Barney Cochran
Robert ’92 & Claudia ’92 Skidmore
Chip ’04 & Katie ’04 Wilson
Tim ’84 & Jackie ’84 Smith
Scott ’86 & Cheryl Campbell
Ollie & Denise Parsons
Justin ’11 & Ashley ’13 Nowicki
Jim & Carol Dorough
Dan ’96 & Christy (Hill) ’96 Barnett
Rev. Daryl & Tracy Blank
Janenne Burgett ’05
Matthew ’07 & Gina ’08 King
James & Jane Kirkman
Brad ’94 & Melissa ’93 Kochis
Lakeholm Church of the Nazarene
Richard & Peggy Mavis
Howard & Suella Slibeck
Pamela & Michael Snow
Bob ’72 & Lynn ’73 Wilson

Donors Get First Look With Tour

We were so excited about the completion of CH4 Stadium we couldn’t wait until the Grand Opening to share the facility. In late July, we opened the gates and invited donors in for a sneak peek to show off what their generous contributions will provide for our student-athletes.

Donors were given a guided tour including seating, locker rooms, restrooms, concessions, press box and patio seating. They also had the opportunity to speak with coaches and student-athletes about their respective sports and what CH4 Stadium will mean to their experience.

“We are finally at this place. It is completed; the building is here, and we are ready to officially open it. We know we are here because of all of you. We hope you understand your investment here is an investment in MVNU, but it is also an investment in our community.”  — James Smith, Vice President for University Relations, during the Donor Preview event.

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