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Intercultural Life

Diversity and Unity

At MVNU, we believe that embracing and celebrating diversity brings us all closer together.

Our campus community benefits from the diversity of students, staff, and faculty. We are a community of individuals who seek to learn from, and about, one another. Diversity is expressed through racial, ethnic, age, ability, geographic, gender, cultural, and socioeconomic differences among the campus community.

We take our responsibility to offer educational and professional opportunities equitably to all qualified persons seriously. Through our curriculum, programs, and services, we seek to provide understanding and supportive interaction among diverse population groups, respecting individuals’ personal values and ideals.

The Dwelling

Located in the lower level of Central Complex, The Dwelling is a safe space to celebrate the cultural diversity of MVNU students and to foster intercultural learning and dialogue. Throughout the year, events are held here to celebrate and educate on various cultures that make up our connected world.


The Office of Intercultural Life serves AIM students (American students of color, International students, and Missionary kids) through a variety of programs and events, including:

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


Additionally, the Office of Intercultural Life supports and celebrates a variety of student organizations and campus events, including:
  • Alliance for Black Student Leadership
  • African Diaspora History Month
  • Festival Latino Workshop
  • International Fashion Show
  • Martin Luther King Celebration Breakfast
  • Soul Festival
  • Women's History Month
  • The Dwelling Multicultural Resource Room

Presidential Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion

Mount Vernon Nazarene University remains focused in its efforts on the work that must be done in diversity, equity and inclusion for university sustainability, growth, and support for minority groups. To stay faithful and focused on this, President Spaulding called for the formulation of the Presidential Task Force Diversity and Inclusion to analyze the current efforts in these areas.
The task force has monthly scheduled meetings for strategic planning. The task force will support the Mount Vernon Nazarene University 2023 strategic initiatives on diversity and inclusion by developing a university-wide strategic plan to deliver on the 2023 strategic initiatives' desired outcomes. The timeframe for setting the strategic plan is 12-18 months, with implementation to follow.
Members of the committee are as follow:
  • Tavaris Taylor - Chair, Assistant Vice President for Intercultural Engagement and Learning, Director of Intercultural Life
  • Dr. Stephen P Metcalfe- Professor of Education
  • Prof. Debra J Garee - Assistant Professor of Nursing
  • Dr. Thad Hicks - Professor of Emergency Management & Criminal Justice
  • Margaret Allotey-Pappoe- Associate Professor of Graphic Design
  • Dr. Jean Ollis - Assistant Professor of Social Work
  • D'Lasia N Bass - SGA Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion

C.O.R.E. Values

  • Curiosity & Courage: Personal responsibility for getting to know one another and to be understood.
  • Openness & Otherness: Holding multiple perspectives simultaneously and valuing them all.
  • Respect & Reciprocity: Recognition of personal diversity and the fact that all peoples have equal value and merit.
  • Equity & Empathy: Dispersion of power and equality of opportunity.

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Tavaris Taylor

Tavaris Taylor

Assistant Vice President for Intercultural Engagement and Learning, Director of Intercultural Life

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