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UndergraduateIntercultural Studies

Intercultural Studies

Do you have a passion for learning about the traditions, expectations, and relationships of other cultures?

The Intercultural Studies program at MVNU prepares students to work in cross-cultural and urban environments. This program educates students for both ministry and non-ministry employment. With a fluent knowledge of Spanish and an exceptional intercultural aptitude, students will be equipped for careers in the mission field, in local churches, in urban settings, and in a wide range of positions seeking cross-cultural and bilingual abilities.

  • Learning abroad — What better way is there to learn about another culture than to spend a semester living in it? Our Intercultural Studies majors get to spend a semester studying Costa Rica, resulting in a Spanish language certification and a deeper, firsthand look at the way of life of another culture.
  • Experienced faculty — Professors in Intercultural Studies have extensive international field experience in cross-cultural ministry engagement, and are still active in their fields of expertise.
  • Flexible course load — The Intercultural Studies program has been designed to seamlessly combine with other programs for students interested in obtaining a double major. This allows you the opportunity to graduate with multiple degrees, giving you an extra edge in your future career.
  • Dr. Matthew Price, Associate Professor of Christian Education, Intercultural Studies Program Coordinator
  • Dr. C. Jeanne Serrão, Professor of Biblical Literature
  • Dr. Lincoln Stevens, Professor of Philosophy, Philosophy Program Coordinator
  • Dr. Eric Vail, Associate Professor of Theology, Religion Program Coordinator
  • Dr. Doug VanNest, Professor of Pastoral Practics, Coordinator of Church Ministries and CMP Programs, School Dean
  • Dr. Michael VanZant, Professor of Biblical Literature, Coordinator of Christian Education and Master of Ministry Programs

Check out the catalog for a complete list of the requirements, courses, and objectives for the Intercultural Studies program!

A semester of study abroad or intercultural context is required for Intercultural Studies majors. Two programs are available in Instituto de Lengua Espanola in San Jose, Costa Rica, and Nazarene Theological College in Manchester, England.  Multiple short-term (2 to 4 week) courses offered throughout the year in locations such as Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and across the United States.

All MVNU students are also invited to participate in our many other service and learning trips.

There are over 30 endowed scholarships for students in the School of Theology and Philosophy with a call to ministry. In addition, there are other university scholarships available and a Nazarene Ministerial Scholarship Program in which Nazarene ministry students can participate during their four years.

A degree in Intercultural Studies from MVNU prepares you for a variety of different career paths. You could go into the mission field, serve in humanitarian aid efforts, become an immigration services representative, specialize in international business, or pursue one of a number of other career options.

MVNU graduates have gone on to pursue a variety of careers, including:

  • Coach, Chicago Eagles, Missionary Athletes International
  • Pastor, Brazilian congregation, Hope Community Church, Columbus, Ohio
  • Manager, TouchPointe Counseling Center
  • English teacher, Creative Access Field, Nazarene World Mission
  • Campus ministry, Creative Access Field, Go Corps
  • International Representative, TREK Bicycles
  • Service Coordinator, Community Refugee and Immigration Services, Columbus, Ohio
  • GlobalServe church planters, Palo Alto/Stanford University, California
  • Chaplain, Native American Christian Academy, Sun Valley, Arizona
  • Church planter near WVU, Morgantown, West Virginia
  • CCO Campus ministry at Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

“Only bright minds with obedient hearts will reach the dark corners of the world.”

Dr. Matthew Price, Professor of Intercultural Studies

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