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Italy 2012

Italy: February 26 - March 10, 2016

Travel to Italy with MVNU

Imagine walking the streets of Rome where St. Paul walked, floating down a Venetian canal, seeing the art of the Sistine Chapel, exploring the ancient site of Pompeii, experiencing Sorrento with its romantic cliff side setting and discovering the modern and ancient sites of Italy from the Coliseum to Cathedrals to museums. Oh, plus there's great food and amazing coffee.


No need to imagine. We'll take you there! Join MVNU faculty and students as we travel to Italy during Spring Break 2016. Come travel with MVNU!

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  • ART2013G Art and Architecture in Italy, Prof. John Donnelly (meets general core educational requirement for Exploration in the Arts or Crossing Cultures or major/minor art history requirement.)
  • HIS1013 Western Tradition in World Context, Dr. Paul Mayle (meets general core educational requirement for history)
  • You may also create independent study courses
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